School Desks for the Ruware School in Zimbabwe

One of the great things about service to others is being able to build relationships across the world, and while in Zimbabwe on our clean water project it came to the attention of our club that while our past efforts with sponsoring school desks had gotten every student off of the ground and at a desk at the smaller school of 170 students, the Ruware school with over 600 still had about two thirds of its students sitting on the ground. To help out the Andover Rotary Club donated funds to build desks that would get another 60 students off of the ground.

Sunlight Children's Advocacy & Rights Foundation (SCARF) Basketball Court

The Andover Rotary Club teamed up with the Andover YMCA, Academy Sports and APAC Wichita to add a basketball court to the backyard of the SCARF home in Andover, KS ( ). This project will provide children of all ages served by SCARF a much needed outdoor activity during their stay while maintaining a safe and secure environment for the children.

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